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  Author of "Rules are Made to be Broken", and "First Come, First Served", Louize X writes for the discerning reader of naughty erotic fiction. Now dubbed "Mommy Porn" by its fanbase, notably women over 30 who are often married.
If you've been looking for a book that has.
  • Hot steamy sex scenes
  • A great storyline
  • TIps on how to cheat on your unsuspecting husband
  • Online dating tips and tricks for guys and girls
  • Graphic content - not intended for under 18


  The books are noted for their explictly erotic scenes, the third book leading into elements of BDSM. Adriana Spencer's saucy adventures
with Mr X, Y, Z and A, B and C will thrill and shock you.

Louize X debut book is changing the face of erotic fiction.
Complete with full content, her books will leave you panting for more.
Adriana Spencer 

Louize X second book in the series
"First Come, First Served" has been released. Please email the author for your own copy. louize@louizex.co.nz



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