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Book #1 and Book #2
Louize X
Erotic Fiction R18
     Adriana Spencer is no ordinary woman.
     By night she’s a rich, spoiled, yummy-mummy, married with two beautiful children, living a seemingly perfect life.
     By day she's a sexual adventuress driven by desire to find the perfect lover to fill the empty hours of her boring marriage.
     Adriana’s exploits, fuelled by copious quantities of chardonnay, lead her into more and more risky situations which push the boundaries of risk and reality.

            Rules Are Made To Be Broken is the first of a series of five books, making erotic fiction readable, adventurous, sometimes shocking and most of all extremely entertaining.
Book # 2
Book #2 Title
    Adriana Spencer is having a new crisis. Now she is no longer married and able to do whatever she wants, she no longer knows what she wants.

    But a former Mr X returns in high style as her long-lost cousin and together they go on a new set of adventures, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

    And Adriana's fortunes take a nose dive with her company going bankrupt, making her search for a new source of income.

    Plus Adriana meets a sex addict and for the first time wonders if perhaps.........?

    First Come, First Served and all of Adriana's latest adventures will thrill, shock and startle you with their naughtiness.

    Make sure you send her a message so you can go onto the database to receive up and coming info on release dates etc.
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